Monday, October 22, 2012

Akeetoons Mobiteach

We have a new product!

It is a motion sensor device designed for use with presentations. But it doesn't need a screen to work!

You can project the image on a wall or whiteboard, and the Mobiteach will still be able to sense your movements.

We are aware that this device has been in use in Malaysia for awhile. What sets us apart from the others?

Our Mobiteach is self-calibrating. No more having to tap each and every dot manually for calibration. Instead, all it takes is a few minutes; 4 at most, to calibrate itself.

If you're new to the idea, here is a demonstration for you to familiarize with the functionality of Mobiteach:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Drawing Akee

Video streaming by Ustream

Internships Up for Grabs!

Looking for a way to enhance your practical skills and improve your chances of getting that dream job? Well, look no further than here at Akeetoons! We have that nurturing environment which you will find greatly conducive for learning and upgrading yourself. 

Please note that internships are limited to undergraduates who have to take an internship as part of their final semester or curriculum only.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Latest Akee EDUTAINMENT Tablet: Special Promotion!

- 1st Edutainment Tablet in Malaysia 
- Both tablets come with FREE Akeetoons e-Cartooning app and Akeetoons Full Content Browser for Cartooning Course & AkeemationKidz online tutoring modules worth RM300 per year.
- DISCOUNT of RM100 for EduTab7 (orginal price: RM599) and BizTab7 (original price: RM799) 
- FREE 1 pc of leather case (during promotion period only). 
- FREE shipping 
- 7 Days Return Policy (T&C apply) 
- 1 Year Warranty 
PM me or leave a message here for more info :-)

Unboxing preview!

Sits comfortably in the free leather case!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Akeetabs Update #1

We present to you the Akee EduTab7 and Akee BizTab7!

Akee EduTab7 - RM599 (sleek & flat design - back surface)
Akee BizTab7 - RM799 (super slim design - only 8.5mm)

1st Edutainment Tablet in Malaysia
Both comes with FREE Akeetoons e-Cartooning app and Akeetoons Full Content Browser for Cartooning Course & AkeemationKidz online tutoring modules worth RM300 per year.
FREE 1 pc of leather case (during promotion period only).
FREE shipping
7 Days Return Policy (terms & conditions apply)
1 Year Warranty
Supported by an MSC Status Company

Friday, October 12, 2012

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Perhaps, you might remember this:

Since every child is laden with school work, homework, tuition, extra classes and others all in the name of education, there is an urgent need for these young ones to relax and at the same time find the time to pick up new skills in producing creative content.
Akeetoons will help to stimulate and nurture their creative thinking by providing in-house comic and cartooning modules which act as a guideline for them to come out with their own work. The project will act as a platform for them to showcase their masterpieces to the world when they submit their works to Akeetoons. This will make them feel appreciated and  will generate a stronger interest in this area.

What are your views? Do you think this still applies today, 4 years after this article was published?

Monday, October 08, 2012

We are back!

Welcome to Akeetoons! Here, we at Akeetoons will keep you updated on our latest products and give tips and advice on troubleshooting any problems you might encounter. But not to worry; we are an established company and we strive to provide quality products and consumer service to our customers.

As an established MSC-status company, we supply electronic appliances and art courses designed specifically for artists as well as teachers. These products consist of hardware and software; we sell tablets, styluses and motion-sensor projectors as well as animation courses and applications. For those who don't know what an MSC-status entails, it takes a lot of money and time to register and get approval for using these three letters. In order to obtain this status, we have to be registered with the Malaysian government. So you can certainly trust us more than most other companies, which may not legally exist at all.

We at Akeetoons wish to spread the joy of learning and making art. Although most people these days stress upon the emphasis of science, some fail to realize that science is an art, and art is a science.

Have you tried to draw the structure of a cell? Or draw the digestive system? Or even wondered about how beautiful and complex nature is? Science is the study of nature, and nature is beautiful, even artistic. Hence, you can find the art in science.

How about art? Have you tried drawing the digestive system, only to be disappointed that your work lacks proportion? Art has to be proportionate; hence, you will find the science in art.

After explaining the correlation between art and science, don't you think that both are equally important? Moreover, art and science aren't mutually exclusive; their fields overlap most of the time.

Leonardo da Vinci was a great inventor, scientist, mathematician, engineer and all things science; but he is known and remembered first and foremost as an artist. Even his sketches of engineering marvels and concepts such as his helicopter and self-propelled machine were drawn artistically and proportionately. And because his ideas were expressed in such beauty and form, he succeeds in expressing himself well so that those who find his sketches will understand and give credit to his brilliance. This goes to prove that art is very important, relevant and practical for the betterment of our skills and marketability.

Have you made up your mind about art? If you would like to know more, bookmark this site and visit us often for more information about our products and courses. We will bring out the artist in you!

The Akeetoons family